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Online 1 Year DTCM & DAc Bridge Program
Licensed Acupuncturists can earn their Doctor of Chinese Medicine (DTCM) or Doctor of Acupuncture (D.Ac) degree on demand at your own pace with our ONLINE curriculum 
Created by the profession’s accreditor, ACAOM, the program follows standards emphasizing integrative care, systems-based medicine and professional development as they relate to the practice of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Five Branches University’s at-your-own-pace, on-demand format is tailored to those in the Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine field who want a high quality, relevant and convenient path towards earning the Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (DTCM) degree or Doctor of Acupuncture (DAc) degree.

DTCM/DAc Bridge Program Highlights:

  • Short program length – three trimesters (totaling 315 hours)

  • 100% online

  • Taught in English or Chinese (Bilingual)

  • Clinical training taught either at the University or at preceptorships local to you

  • Take classes on your schedule – No set class times

  • Regular instructor office hours

  • State-of-the-art course design and content

  • User-friendly platform

  • Emphasis on professional development

  • Integrates TCM with modern medical context

  • The program is open to those who have completed a Master’s degree (or equivalent) in Traditional Chinese Medicine or Acupuncture

  • The culmination of the program results in graduates receiving the degree of “Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine” or “Doctor of Acupuncture”, and the ability to use the title “Dr.” in front of your name

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Program Focus

Five Branches University’s DTCM/DAc Bridge program focuses on professional development and learning how to use Western diagnostics to inform and enhance your TCM practice

  • Integration of Diagnostic Imaging Techniques and Lab Analysis to TCM Practice

  • Western Health Care Systems and Integrative Care

  • Applying Case Studies and Research to TCM Practice

Clinic Overview

The DTCM Bridge Program features a carefully designed, 315 hour clinical experience over the course of its three terms. 


  • Created with students in mind who have full-time, working schedules 

  • Requires minimal time and effort spent outside of practice 

  • Pre-recorded patient/practitioner interactions that serve as an Integrative Online Theatre

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition for the 16.5-unit 315-hour program is $8,505.

(Five Branches University Master’s graduates receive a 20% discount for a tuition of $6,804.)

Tuition is proportional to the number of courses of each trimester and is payable by trimester or monthly. There is a fee for use of credit card and for the monthly payment.

Why Five Branches University is academically the best Traditional Chinese Medicine School in the Bay Area:

Respected University


As one of the oldest Chinese medicine schools in the United States, Five Branches University is recognized as one of the nation’s top TCM and integrative medicine schools

Top Academic and Clinical Experts


Learn from highly accomplished faculty in TCM. Many of our doctors and professors have decades of experience teaching and practicing TCM

Specialty Certificate Options


As a Doctor & Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine student you can receive advanced academic and clinical training in one of our specialty certifications

Why Apply to Five Branches?

Nationally Accredited and approved by the CA Acupuncture Board as well as the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)


Competitive Tuition Rates and Gracious Payment Plans available


Options to specialize in areas including Sports Medicine, Medical Qigong, Tuina Massage, Classical Chinese Medicine, and Five Element Acupuncture