We'll Only Teach America's Top TCM and Acupuncture Programs Because That's The Title Others Have Give Us.
And You'll See Why Too.
Learn why it's the best time for Massage Therapists to learn Acupuncture in 2021
Our nationally accredited degree programs provide students with a strong foundation in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnosis, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, the latest TCM research, extensive clinical training, and a comprehensive education in integrative medicine.

Graduate Degrees:
  1. Doctor and Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine (DTCM/MTCM);

  2. Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine (MTCM);

  3. Master of Acupuncture (MAc);

Post-Graduate Degrees:
  1. Postgraduate Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Program (DAOM);

  2. Joint DAOM/PhD Degree with leading Chinese Universities;

Top Ranked University


As one of the oldest Chinese medicine schools in the United States, Five Branches University is recognized as one of the nation’s top TCM and integrative medicine schools

Top Academic and Clinical Experts


Learn from highly accomplished faculty in TCM. Many of our doctors and professors have decades of experience teaching and practicing TCM

Specialty Certificate Options


As a Doctor & Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine student you can receive advanced academic and clinical training in one of our specialty certifications

Why Five Branches University?
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Why Apply to Five Branches?

Nationally Accredited and approved by the CA Acupuncture Board as well as the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)


Competitive Tuition Rates and Financial Aid Plans available


Options to specialize in areas including Sports Medicine, Medical Qigong, Tuina Massage, Classical Chinese Medicine, and Five Element Acupuncture

"I find that acupuncture fills the gaps in western medicine."

- Amy Repprecht

Current Student

Student Testimonials

"It's never been a better time to get the degree that you wanted to get."

- Dr. Gigi Shames


"I was ready to expand my knowledge and healing tools."

- Kendra P. Wagers

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