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FBU’s 315-hour Bridge Program’s focus is to lead TCM professionals to:

  • Develop integrative skills that can be used to take the next steps in your practice development

  • Build knowledge and skills to support the further evolution of Chinese medicine practice

Curriculum by Subjects:


1. Charting the Course for Professional Development & Lifelong Learning 1, 2, 3

22.5 hours over three trimesters


Overview of how the program is organized and how to maximize your own learning through your experience in the didactic courses and advanced clinic. In this course, candidates will complete a self-evaluation of skill levels in various areas related to successful practice, an interest inventory, an exploration of a variety of clinical practices as a means of determining the focus of advanced clinical training experience. Students will also initiate the first phase of a professional development plan.

One of the major goals the profession’s accrediting body, ACAOM, set forth in its doctoral competencies was to require candidates to create a professional development plan for lifelong learning. This course supports candidates in beginning this process, which will continue throughout the program. All of this leads to candidates taking charge of their lifelong learning.

2. Advanced Lab Analysis and Diagnostic Imaging

37.5 hours


Review of basic Western Biomedical diagnostic tools and tests. This will include common lab tests (CBC, Urinalysis, Thyroid panel, etc.) as well as common diagnostic imaging methods (X-Ray, CAT Scan, MRI, fMRI, laparoscopy, endoscopy, etc.). Students will learn the basics of how these tests are performed, equipment used to perform these tests, potential information gained from them, and common reasons these tests may be indicated.

This course will focus on how this information can be used to enhance the understanding of TCM practitioners and aid in your communications with patients who are receiving care from Western Biomedical practitioners.

3. Research: Using TCM and Biomedical Findings to Enhance Clinical Practice

60 hours


Learn how to locate and evaluate research findings with multiple intended outcomes. Students will be guided through a critical process of evaluating research findings to determine their use in patient communications as well as integration into patient care, the development of a treatment plan and use in guiding lifestyle and diet modifications.

4. Systems Based Medicine: Western Healthcare Systems in Integrative Practice

37.5 hours


Review of the American healthcare system and exploration of the potential role that modern TCM practitioners can play within it. Specific emphasis is put on understanding insurance in the context of healthcare systems, discussing the impact of the structure of health care systems on patient care and disparities within the current framework. Students will have a clear understanding of models of care that are currently employed by TCM practitioners and contrast those with Western medical practitioners. After establishing an overview, students will analyze and extrapolate the potential roles that might be developed for TCM practitioners in the future and investigate how health care teams function in various settings.

5. Lab Analysis for TCM Practitioners: Application to TCM Diagnosis and Therapy

22.5 Hours


Determine how to use findings from common lab tests to enhance your TCM diagnosis, and acupuncture and herbal formula therapy. Students will learn how different lab values correlate to TCM diagnoses and will learn how to adjust your TCM acupuncture therapy and herbal formula prescriptions based on those lab values.

6. Advanced Clinical Training

135 hours


Advanced clinical training of the DTCM Completion program are offered through an Approved Preceptorship (TCM and/or Western) local to you.

The overall purpose of this course is to support DTCM and DAc Completion students to enhance the level of your current clinical practice and your ability to work in integrative settings. Students will set 1 to 4 goals based on your personal interest, self-evaluation, or program requirements for your advanced clinical experience. One of the goals will be related to integrative practice.


  • Application Deadline July 16th, 2021

  • Program Starts Sept 7th, 2021

Contact Us:


English Bridge Doctoral: Tom Dicklin

Chinese Bridge Doctoral: Jessie Ding

  • Email:

  • Call: (408) 260-0208 ext 220

  • Postal Mail:
    Five Branches University
    1885 Lundy Avenue, Ste 108
    San Jose, CA 95131

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