America's Top Acupuncture School Shows You How To Reduce Your Stress With Natural Medicine.

Join us for our exclusive new webinar on how to treat the general anxiety during the pandemic.


Living through this pandemic has many effects on the body, mind, and spirit, whether you were affected by CoVID or not.


Our families were hit home last year, causing long lasting economic hardships for everyone.


So our goal here is simple:

To teach you the many herbs and pressure points to reduce anxiety and post CoVID-19 symptoms.


Plus! You will get a chance to ask your questions at our Q&A with Dr. Gigi Shames, Ms. Shames & guest speaker Prof. Joanna Zhao

Prof. Joanna Zhao has been Director of Five Branches’ TCM Clinic since she co-founded it in 1984.


Joanna received her education from the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Each of these knowledgeable experts will be helping you manage your day to day stress so you can build better habits and lead healthier lives.

Save the Date: April 24th, 11AM PST